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  1. Turn2Liberty TV
    This Weekly broadcast features co-hosts Kevin & the Coach from the Turn2Liberty as they discuss issues relevant to you and your family living a life filled with liberty. A sprinkle of feistiness and a dash of guests keeps you coming back week after week to find out where Kevin and the Coach are and what the hot discussion of this episode will be.
  2. Turn2Liberty Webinars
    Here is where YOU can kick your knowledge base up to the next level. Learn how you can become a better activist in your area and how to apply this knowledge to become an even more dynamic Liberty promoter. Webinars cover topics from growing moringa and other food sources, survival or prepper training, how to get your letters to the right people to implement change, how to build a local community that can and does make a difference, how to mobilize this community and do what we do to live this liberty based lifestyle.
  3. Turn2Liberty Guest Presentations
    Here is where you can attend live events or view the recordings of the many guest presentations facilitated by our Turn2Liberty Communities. Our presenters are all excellent at sharing their unique experiences and information that they have acquired to equip you with tools you can use to enjoy more fully the Turn2Liberty Lifestyle.
  4. Turn2Liberty Blog / Books / and more
    Want to learn more on your own pace and on your own time. Follow the Turn2Liberty blog, engage with the Turn2Liberty Facebook Community, Subscribe to the Turn2Liberty Youtube channel, check out the recommended reading list and don't forget to sign up for our email list to continue to receive many free and special offers from our favorite Turn2Liberty connections.
  5. Turn2Liberty Rant Nites
    How T2L Rant Nites work: The Master of Ceremonies introduces the Liberty focused topic of the evening and has the final decision on all events at this event. Individuals may cue up to be the next speaker on the microphone. When it is your turn to speak donate $2 into the donation bucket (on the stage) which will start the timer. You have the mic to rant for up to 3 minutes. At three minutes the mic will be cut off. The audience participants may vote to have the MC remove you from the stage early (because you are off topic, crude or inappropriate) by tossing rolled up scrap paper at the stage. [getting the hook]. The Tampa Bay Chapter does this on the last Weds of each month.
  6. Follow Turn2Liberty on the road
    Chief Activist Kevin and Coach Susie pack up their bags and travel to where conventions, presentations, and even to some of the other Turn2Liberty Chapters to help you better promote the message of Liberty. Current travels have them in Connecticut, Massachusettes, Washington DC, New York, New Orleans, LA, Palm Beach FL, Tampa FL, Cocoa Beach FL, and St. Petersburg FL. Where will we see you on the road?
  7. Grow a Turn2Liberty Chapter where you live
    Turn2Liberty communities are sprouting up all over the country. It is not all fun and games there is serious work to be done, but we can Turn2Liberty Together and be the change we want to see in our world. Turn2Liberty chapters connect Liberty educators and activist with each other and the community they serve. Forming a local chapter offers many benefits. Learn more by emailing peer relationships that result in highly qualified referrals speaking opportunities collective marketing reach collaborative partnerships increased awareness and involvement in community events providing a valuable service to the community Each chapter benefits from leveraging our robust website which includes an online member directory that is publicly promoted and a place for members to share their events (classes, speaking engagements, etc).You need to have a minimum of 5 Turn2Liberty registered members that are willing to commit to a minimum of one year, host at least one event a month during that year,
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